What I Am Doing Different This Winter

Four Tips To Prevent A Style Funk

3 min readNov 14, 2023
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Cold weather has never been my ally for a plethora of reasons; one being clothes. As the chill of winter sets in, I find myself dreading the inevitable shift in my wardrobe. My winter style never fails to fall victim to a seasonal style funk. Struggling to seamlessly transition my vibrant spring-summer fashion into the colder months has been a recurring challenge. However, this year I vow to make a difference. I have decided to embrace the seasonal change. In this blog, I’ll share four key style changes I’m excited to incorporate, hoping they might inspire you to overcome your winter fashion woes as well.

Layers On Layers

While layering may seem like the most obvious choice for cold weather, I am doing something a little different. With an abundance of crop tops and tailored shirts bordering on the cropped style in my wardrobe, I refuse to let them go to waste this winter. Instead, I plan to layer them creatively over other shirts, like turtlenecks. This is a stylish solution to utilize the full range of my closet and infuse a fresh twist into a mundane outfit.

Tights Galore

Since my move to Europe, pantyhoses have become a fundamental component of my winter wardrobe. Typically, I have leaned towards dark, thick tights; however, let’s face it — dark tights do not compliment every outfit. More often than not, they can age you and bring down the overall look. While I’ll still incorporate my dark pantyhose, I will be introducing sheer tights this winter. Additionally, many overlook their using leggings as tights. They are perfect for wearing under thin fabric skirts.

Just A Scarf

While scarves were never my preferred accessory, I’ve come to realize that scarves can complement my body shape. With a spoon-shaped figure — shelf hips that are wider than shoulders — I love to draw attention to my upper body to achieve balance. Decorative scarves, in particular, stand out as unique statement pieces, offering an effortless means of adding layers and will draw attention to my upper body.

Cover That Hair

As a loc girlie, covering my hair this winter is a non-negotiable step to prevent lint buildup. However, my love for sweaters knows no bounds — the fuzzier, the better. This means I’m more susceptible to acquiring fluffy fabric in my hair. Removing lint from locs can lead to significant hair damage, emphasizing the importance of proactive prevention. Introducing head wraps, turbans, and other stylish coverings also serve as prominent accessory pieces. I’m eagerly anticipating their addition to my wardrobe, enhancing not only my style but also making my hair stand out more than it already does.

By experimenting with unconventional layering using spring-summer fashions, exploring diverse tights options such as sheer tights over nude leggings, rediscovering the charm of scarves as statement pieces, and prioritizing hair covering as a protective and stylish element, I aim to reinvent myself through my winter wardrobe. These simple yet impactful changes are not just about fashion; they’re a means to savor winter without compromising on personal style. Join me in embracing the beauty of seasonal transformations by adding some simple changes to your routine.

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